A Day of Liturgy

The future of the liturgy is the future of the church


Archdiocese Pastoral Centre (APC): It was a delightful moment indeed when our parishioners were gathered before 9.00am on a public holiday replacement of Malaysia Day. They gathered for a better understanding of our faith through the Liturgy Formation.

The formation, organised by our parish’s Liturgy Ministry, was conducted in 3 languages which are Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and English. A grateful appreciation to our parish priest, Rev. Fr. Terrence Thomas as the formation held was fully sponsored by our parish, St. Anthony’s Church.

“My ministry’s objectives for organising this formation are to educate our parishioners the meaning of liturgy and the proper way of conducting a mass. It is also a way to inform various ministry of the church about the liturgical gestures and meanings set,” said Francis, the main coordinator for Liturgy Ministry.  “Liturgy is a guide for us as people of the church in our lives, so it is important for us to know and understand what it is,” added Trecher Alexander, the BM coordinator for Liturgy Ministry.

It was a pleasure for the ministry to have both, Br. Lamhot from Indonesia, who is currently serving in Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam and Mr. R.K. Samy, a retiree serving KL Archdiocese Liturgy Commission from parish of Holy Family Church, Kajang.

Leading the BM parishioners with two sessions, which are foundation and practical of liturgy, Br. Lamhot said, “the parishioners are not much aware about the liturgy our Catholic faith and should improve on it. I hope that SAC parishioners will join music schools and that they will create beautiful melodies of church’s hymns.”

“What is currently done is a routine, we do not learn. Through liturgy formations and many others, I hope what is being done is done by understanding the meaning of it and with reverence. Hence, the future of the liturgy is the future of the church,” said R.K. Samy, as he led the Tamil and English parishioners with three sessions of foundation of liturgy, teaching of Vatican about liturgy and functions of ministries with Q&A session.

The liturgy formation ended around 4pm with our parishioners having another perspective and understanding of liturgy. With the knowledge gained, may God move them to share about it, and through His grace, our church may grow with unity into a better level as we journey towards our new upcoming church theme, THE YEAR OF FAITH.



Br. Lamhot delivering his session in BM


The English and Tamil session participants having discussion on questions given