12 May 2013, KL -The Feast of Ascension is celebrated forty days after Easter on a Thursday. This year, this feast was celebrated in Chapel of the Ascension of the Lord, Ampang on May 12, 213. Prior to the solemn feast day mass, three days of praise and worship together followed by two days of novena was held.


The celebration begun with a praise and worship at 5pm lead by Mr. John and the Eucharistic celebration begun at 5.30pm which was celebrated by Rev. George  Packiasamy together with our parish priest. Rev. Terrance Thomas. 


The mass was indeed a reverential event where devotees actively participated throughout. Unlike last year’s feast celebration, this year, the procession was made possible. Many devotees such as Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Elizabeth were happy that they were able to have the procession again after four years.


Before the procession, Mr. Christopher, St. Anthony’s church, KL, PPC chairman, thanked everyone who worked hard for the feast celebration as well as those who attended the feast. The procession commenced about 7pm and ended within an hour.

946516_10151566198774731_810930644_n.jpgThe procession, in which the statue of Jesus Christ was carried, was a walk for a stretch of one kilometre. 100 devotees joined the procession.



A Mother’s day celebration put a nice end to the feast celebration. Mothers were celebrated on this day with a cake cutting ceremony after the procession. Those who attended went back home feeling blessed and contented.